Frequently Asked Questions

Our Dealer Resources allows you to stay up to date on all things Vista. Here you will find samples and selling tools, news and updates, retail pricing and product specifications, and a list of discontinued items.

The Online Service Center (OSC) allows you to place online orders, check status and tracking information, make payments, and much more.
Need OSC assistance? Contact candy.noel@vistaproducts.com.
You must be an active dealer to have access to either the Dealer Resource Center or the OSC. Please contact your local dealer representative before requesting access.

To register for Dealer Resources, simply visit vistaproducts.com/register and fill out the registration form. Once submitted, our team will review and approve your request.

To register to our Online Service Center (OSC), email candy.noel@vistaproducts.com. Step by step instructions will be sent to the email provided.
You can find a list of our dealer representatives and their territories on our Contact Page. If you still have questions, contact customer service at 800-888-6680.
FREE Small Swatches!
Swatches can be ordered through vistaproducts.com by visiting our Product Color Selection pages for each of our products. Each color selection page has an online form that can be filled out and submitted to order swatches. You do not have to fill out a different form for each product, you may submit one form with all of your requested product swatches. You will receive an order confirmation once your request has been processed.

Large Swatches Available!
We offer 8.5-in x 11-in swatches for a select number of Solar Screen fabrics, for $1.00 each + $5.00 Freight. To order large swatches, visit the Online Service Center or contact customer service at 800-888-6680.

Please note: ONLY large swatches are available through the Online Service Center (OSC). Small swatches must be ordered through vistaproducts.com or contact customer service at 800-888-6680.
We are busy creating new content for our YouTube channel and website. Our new video series, THE BLIND SIDE, is available on our website, you may also find product videos on our Product page and our YouTube channel.

Stay up to date and Subscribe to our YouTube channel here!
As virtual selling continues to gain importance, we saw a need to create a video series to explain the difference in options and operating systems and why you would choose one over another. THE BLIND SIDE offers quick video highlights to help you and your customer select the best options for their unique needs.
Check your order status by logging in to the Online Service Center (OSC) and clicking FAB Order Status to the right of the screen or contact customer service at at 800-888-6680.
Digital retail pricing can be found by logging in to Dealer Resources or order a physical copy through our Online Service Center (OSC), under Sample Books & Blinds.
Our online digital price lists also contain the most up-to-date product specifications. It’s always a good idea to double check critical specifications online as product updates happen frequently and specifications are subject to change.