Product Updates | Dec 2018

Fauxwood Blinds

Our Faux Today corded program is discontinued effective December 14th and will be replaced by a cordless program. Our new cordless program will be available to order mid-January.

Our new Faux Today Cordless program will feature two colors:
465 Optic white and 419 Off White.
An update slat for your current FauxWood deck will be coming soon.

Download price sheet here!

Fauxwood Deck


NEW Principal Shadings Cordless Handle

You will now see a new handle style with our cordless shadings. We have implemented a rolling change from our cordless strap to a cordless hinged handle.

Note: Change does not apply to Premise shadings cord and tassel pull.

New cordless handle

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Newly Discontinued

Cellular Shades

Pattern: Starlight – 1196C Daybreak
– 1197C Cream
– 1200C Custard
– 1202C Camelia
– 1203C Acorn
– 1204C Willow
– 1205C Butternut
– 1207C Lava Rock
– 1208C Belgian Roast
– 1209C Slate
Pattern: Galaxy
– 4180C Snowcap
– 4182C Daybreak
– 4183C Cream
– 4184C Chiffon
-4185C Biscuit
Pattern: Grande
– 6343C Grapevine
– 6377C Pumice
Pattern: Misty
– 5708C Grapevine
– 5713C Sienna Sand
– 5718C Beach
– 5719C Almond
– 5728C Alexandria Beige
– 5730C Fern
Pattern: Promenade
– 8158C Grapevine
– 8173C Olive
– 8179C Dark Brown
Pattern: Seclusion
– 6424C Camel


Woven Woods

– 4333 Mandalay Stain

Fabric Vertical Blinds

Pattern: Ithaca
– IT1444 Natural

Horizontal Blinds

Deluxe Tapes
– N02
– N10
– N11
– N12

Find the full discontinued list in ‘Dealer Resources’.