Product Updates | Dec. 2019

Vista Featured News!!

Vertical Blinds

Effective December 23rd, 2019:

VX200 headrail will be discontinued. Moving forward the Vistec headrail will be the headrail used for all vertical blinds.

Dynasty Woven Woods

Effective December 18, 2019:

• Blackout liners will always be off-white to the street and cannot be reversed to have off-white facing the shade.
• Matching off-white light blocking patch allows for minimal light leaks where rings are attached (pictured).
Updates reflected on page 15 of the Dynasty Woven Woods Pricelist. Download here. (Print double-sided)

Newly Discontinued

We have recently added a number of items to our discontinued list. CLICK HERE for the most recent additions, or visit Dealer Resources for our full discontinued list.