Shutter Product Bulletin

By-Pass Jamb Coupler

We have eliminated the jamb coupler for By-Pass Panels, in favor of hinging connected By-Pass panels. The adjacent jambs of the connecting panels will be hinged in the same manner as Bi-Fold track jambs. Rather than using Jamb Coupler, Lightblock and Interlock will be used to finish the jambs and the hinges will be located on the back side of the panels.

This will make installation easier for the following reasons:
• No longer requires a large amount of space at the job-site to lay the panels on the floor and either slide the jamb coupler into both jambs or slide one panel onto the other.
• Eliminates the need to lift and orient two panels while connecting them to the wheel carrier.
• Installer will install all By-Pass panels as if they were single panels, then place hinge pins on the back side of the panels. This may require reaching in between louvers or opening the door and accessing the back side of the panels to set the hinge pins.

Best regards,
Eclipse Shutters and Vista Products Team