Product Updates | Sep 2018

Roller, Solar, TwinLight, Roman and Woven Shades — AUTOMATE™ Motorization

Solar Charger price increase

$200 retail price / Effective 10/01/18

A wireless and sustainable option. Use the sun’s natural energy to control your shades.

Please make a note in your printed price lists (May 2018) of the new retail price for Solar charger. Online price guide has been updated.

Automate™ motorization options are retail surcharges. Find your shade price using retail price grids, choose your motor options and apply product discount to the total.

Solar Charger

Wood & Fauxwood Blinds

NEW wood and poly tassel style

You will soon see a new style in our tassels as we implement a rolling change from our old bell style to a new conical shape.

Lift & Lock Specification Change

We have increased the maximum height for wood and fauxwood Lift & Lock cordless blinds.

The new maximum height is now 96″
(maximum width remains the same at 78″).

Online price guide has been updated.

Vertical Blinds

Rotation chain length specification change

In accordance with upcoming changes to safety standards we are reducing the default length of vertical rotation chains from approximately 60% of the length of the blind to approximately one third the length (not to exceed 40%). It is possible to request a longer rotation chain length but this must be done at the time of the order. Requests for longer chain after the fact will be a chargeable expense. Cord cleats will be provided and customers should be instructed to secure the rotation chain on the cleat when not in use.

Verticals under 24″ in length will be available as wand tilt only.
This change is effective immediately with all new orders.

Vertical Blinds